Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week 6

Google Squared logo
Practiced for videocasts/podcasts
New Material:
Demonstrated how to add pictures and links to a site.
Demonstrated how to complete an alt modifier in the img tag so that a blind person will hear what the image is
Demonstrated how to add a title modifier to an image tag so that we could acknowledge the source of an image with a "floating box" that appears over the image when the cursor moves over it (Sort wait, lasts maybe 10 seconds). Repeats every time cursor moves over image)
Discussed why you must alwas include the source of the images you use, even if you must say "Source unknown."
If you need to review how to do any of these, see the appropriate handouts and videos on this blog.
Googled our own names
Discussed the implications, especially that we are leaving an "intellectual trail"
Introduced Google Alerts
Began a discussion of Search
Demonstrated how we can share bookmarks in delicious
Demonstrated Google UK's page of random internet data. You will find the link in my delicious bookmarks which are accessible by clicking the link above. Note the URL when you get there. That is the pattern to be followed for other links to my delicious bookmarks.
Demonstrated Google Squared (same way to link to as above) and began a discussion of the implications of this search technique for research and learning (and teaching), still under development by Google

Next week: Videocasts/podcasts. Come prepared!

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