Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Comments4Kids Assignments Now Posted

1. Assignment is on your spreadsheet in Google Docs
2. See all special instructions
3. Single person assignments so if you don't do yours some kid will be left out. DO NOT let that happen.
4. One blog RBS 4th Grade works a bit differently. There are 43 entries into a Table of Contents on the left of the blog. Each entry in the Table of Contents is a post by a kid. Click on the TC number assigned you.

Then click on the icon shown here (looks like a piece of paper and a cloud, or the speech icon in a comic book) to get to the Comments area. It is to the right once you see the paragraph or more written by the kid.

5. Start as soon as possible. The teachers expect comments tomorrow. If you have not watched the video in link on the previous post, do so! Then you will understand how important this assignment is!

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