Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jim Fawcett Reflects on EDM310

This morning I met Jim Fawcett in the hall on te main campus. He was excited about the prospect of turning his presentation last night into a video. I demonstrated how I could make a movie from the presentation I captured on my Mac last night in class. In a little while (after my 11 class) his movie will be available here. Since we were practicing with video, I interviewed Jim using my iPhone and immediately transferred the video to You Tube. Here is that video, a brief demonstration of what you will be doing with faculty later in the semester.

The movie is also accessible through a URL Jim Fawcett Reflects on EDM310


  1. I am as Jim was and I am looking forward to learning all this new technology.

  2. One of the definite positives that our school and students have seen from blogging is capturing information and spreading it online for others to see - we've just had for instance a school team go to the National Finals and had students and staff tracking their progress online as the games and scores developed - as you know there are teachers like Will Chamberlain streaming live from his classroom - perhaps the direction that we are heading!


    Copy the link and follow the movie. Please leave a comment.

  4. Jim is a example to show people that this class can help people with technology. I know it is definitely helping me move on in this technology filled world.