Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Week 3

Here's what we covered in Week 3:
1. Mr. Mathew Needleman Skyped in to the class. The recording of his visit will be available no later than Friday midnight on the class blog under Important Links.
2. We covered RSS Feeds. and we introduced iGoogle. There are instructional videos on both. You must have an RSS of the class blog feed working on your iGoogle page by next week.
3. We covered Layouts. You must have two new Layout Gadgets working by next week on your blog. They are; a Gadget foe Email Me using your gMail address and another email address if you use another address. The second Gadget you must have by next week is an Important Links gadget with a link to the class blog. There is a video on the class blog under Instructional Video that covers this material.
5. Assignments were made for the first round of Project 8. You were emailed (to your gMail address) a spreadsheet with the assignments. You should do these on THURSDAY every week. There is also a written set of instructions on the class blog under Syllabus and Handouts. You must read that handout before you begin to make your comments. You must also post to your class blog after you have completed your weekly assignment. These assignments will continue throughout the semester.

We did not get to:
a. You must have an Evernote account. I hope to have a video on Evernote up on the class blog by Friday or Saturday. If you missed class this week, watch for it.
b. We covered three tools for shortening URLs. I hope to have a video on these tools up on the class blog by Friday or Saturday.
c. We started a discussion on Search techniques. More will follow. I hope to have a video on search techniques up on the class blog by the end of next week (9/11).
d. Forms
4. You must create a Delicious account and begin using it. There is a video on the class blog under Instructional Videos. Did only in W 6

AND in TT 11 I provided incorrect instructions for the mailto: code. The correct code should NOT have http:// in it. Please go to Layout and correct by removing the http:// The code should read (after the a tag beginning) href="mailto:...
Sorry about that. First mistake I made yesterday. (Well among the first 100. We learn from mistakes. Do not be afraid of them. Use them to learn!)

We will get to these things in Week 5.

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