Monday, September 7, 2009

If You Are Not Convinced About the Power of Blogging and Commenting...

...just read this thank you from Ms. Priscilla Lavakula, teacher of Room 10 Pt England School, Auckland, New Zealand and then watch the video.

"Hi Dr Strange,
The children and I have made a movie for you and your class. We will also will be posting it on our blog. It's just to say thank you to you and your students for leaving us lots of lovely comments. The children have also included questions.Thanks again.

Kind regards
Priscilla Lavakula"
Teacher, Room 10
Pt England School
Auckland, New Zealand

In a separate in an email to me, Dorothy Burt, eLearning Team Leader at Pt England School said that the children in this school came from the poorest families in New Zealand, few having technologies in their home. She went on to explain why they blog:
"We actually blog as part of our approach to Schooling Improvement via 21st century literacy, and we have a researcher working along side us to see how our literacy improves as we blog. Our research shows so far that access to technology AND the response from an authentic audience are the two biggest motivators to our students to write. And the classes/students who blog have had some amazing improvements in their test scores.

We have lots of blogs at our school. They can mostly be accessed form here.,451

And I blog about the pedagogy behind our student blogging here...."

If you read this, and aren't blogging and having your students blog, you I recommend you get started immediately!


  1. Your class has been given the opportunity to learn an interesting fact about our wonderful world of education, we care for each other.When you show an interest in students in other places, they reciprocate. Thus begins the conversations that technology facilitates so easily....

    Mr. C

  2. My HS AP Biology students are amazed that college students would want to discuss their posts. It's amazing how much we take for granted when we are already digitally connected and watch others learn those connections. Thank you, and please thank your class!