Monday, November 2, 2009

Week 11

Header for Dr. John Strange's Professional Blog

Professional Blogs
We created a new blog which will be a Professional Blog. The URL should be I discussed how to alter the Layout to conform to the requirements for the blog:
1. A Professional Picture that replaces the standard About Me gadget. This is a Picture Gadget and is in the small column at the top.
2. A new About me text (9 lines or less) that will stay above the Posts. This is a Text Gadget.
3. At least 6 posts describing the Attitudes or Aptitudes or Approaches or Skills or Tools that will distinguish you as a teacher. Links to examples can be found in a post of the class blog. My Professional Blog, which can also be an example, can be accessed through a link in the Important Links area on the class blog. You must discuss technology in at least one of your posts.
4. A Contact Me list in the small column immediately underneath you picture. This is an HTML/Java Script Gadget.
5. Links to the specific posts you place in your Professional Blog. This is a Link List Gadget.

If you missed this class, I am preparing a movie which covers this material. Write the text for the posts. Then follow the instructions in the movie when iot is posted. Due December 1, 2009.

We discussed the creation of Forms. I have added Creating A Form in Google Docs to the instructional movies. Your form should be complete and emailed to recipients no later than Tuesday November 3. We will look at your data soon.

Skype Sessions
TT11 Skyped Room 10. A blog post describes that event.
W6 had a Skype visit from Mr. Joe McClung. I am working on that movie and a post to accompany it.

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