Sunday, November 15, 2009

Catching Up? Five Warnings For Everyone

Secretariat winning the 1973 Belmont Stakes
A number of you are making a mad dash to catch up with your blog posts. I won't say "I w*r*ed y*u", but I will caution you of five problems you must avoid when you race to catch up. Actually, these comments apply to everyone.
1. You must meet the requirements of the assignment. In the last set of blog instructions you have fewer posts, but the instructions are more detailed and complex. To catch up you must follow the instructions.
2. Avoid fluff and words without content. Sometimes students catching up think they can avoid reading or watching the assignment and just write "fluff" instead. If you were expecting cake but got only a cardboard picture you might be more upset than if there were only an empty plate. At least you would know what you were getting. Personally, I don't like cardboard cake.
3. Avoid PLAGIARISM! You might be tempted to see what others have written, maybe even copy (or slightly change) what another student has written, or copy hunks of material from the site itself without proper attribution. These are VERY DANGEROUS. If you plagiarize you are subject to VERY severe penalties,including dismissal from the University. Don't plagiarize! I have already encountered three posts which could possibly involve plagiarism and which I will review to determine exactly what happened.
4. You have been required to include pictures and links to your blog posts for some time now.
5. Don't forget that there are some blog requirements that I added through blog posts.

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