Saturday, November 7, 2009

Russ Goerend Skypes Class

Russ Goerend
What a week! We have had three outstanding teachers visit EDM 310 and share their passion for teaching with my students. I asked Russ Goerend, who teaches in a large school near DesMoines, Iowa, to discuss his use of blogging and the importance of commenting on blogs. I also asked him to talk about the ways in which he encourages creativity in his students. He concluded with a lively and stimulating discussion with the W6 students.


  1. Alright, Dr. Strange, we in TT2 are starting to feel left out. We must have the most inconvenient time slot for all these folks Skyping in. But, that's okay. Thanks for posting the information/Skype sessions for us - very interesting! -Cade

  2. And the University does't help either with the worst download times of all at 2:00! But thanks for visiting the other classes when they have a Skype visitor. Your presence is always welcome!