Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Completing the Semester

Here is a quick reminder of some of the things that you may need to complete.

1. Project 1 Your Blog including the following:
a. Your posts as assigned, including those I have added in the Class Blog
b. A summary (or individual posts) on comments4kids
c. Pictures and links that work. Pictures must include complete alt and title tags. Pictures are required after October 4, 2009.
d. Your presentation must be in a post on your blog
e. Your blog must contain a post related to Project 11. See Number 11 Below.
f. Your blog must contain a post related to your PLN (Project 6). See Number 6 Below.
g. Your blog must contain your post for the last blog assignment due December 2, 2009.
h. In the small column of your class blog you should have, in this order, the About Me gadget which also contains your picture, Contact Me (An HTML/Java Script gadget) with contact information (at least your gmail), a Link List gadget named Important Links with a link to the class blog and a link to your professional blog (and any other links that you have deemed important during the semester), and other gadgets such as Followers, Blog Archive, etc.
1A. Comments On Your Classmate's Blogs. You were to comment on at least 2 blogs of classmates every week starting September 20. It is impossible to catch up with this requirement. But there are 3 weeks left in which you can do what you were supposed to do. This assignment may affect your grade if you are "on the bubble" between two grades or in determining the grade for your class participation or both.
2. Project 2 Presentation This must be embedded in your blog.
3. Project 3 An iGoogle Page with an RSS feed for the class blog. Although I do not think that everyone complied with this requirement, I will accept it that you did since most of you apparently did read the class blog on a regular (more or less) basis.
4. Project 4 Professional Blog Due 12/2/09. You must add a link to your Professional Blog in the Important Links area on the side of your class blog. In addition, email the URL of your Professional Blog to me.
5. Project 5 Form You should have shared with me (To Edit) your spreadsheet that resulted from your form. This is NOT the same as having emailed me the form!
6. Project 6 Personal Learning Network In a separate post on your blog, describe your current PLN (for education related matters). Name names. Describe how your PLN has been acquired. Indicate how actively you make use of it. Discuss how you intend to continue it in the future (adding to it, making use of its members, providing assistance to its members).
7. Project 7 Skype You need to Skype me so that I can verify that you have installed your webcam and that it works as required and that you know how to use Skype. Tue 11/24 and Tue 12/1 would be excellent days to do that. You can also keep monitoring my availability. This Friday until 4 or so would also be good. Saturday, Sunday Monday between 10 and 4 (except for lunch) will also probably work most of those days. You can try over Thanksgiving but do not count on me being available much of that time).
You should have my list of who has Skyped me in your Google Docs.
8. Project 8 Comments4Kids You should have completed these assignments shortly after they were assigned. You should also post a summary of your comments4kids activities (with examples) unless you have posted individual reports as you carried out the assignments in which case you need do nothing more.
9. Google Earth Tour was cancelled. I hope you work with Google Earth on your own. It has lots of possibilities!
10. Project 10 Podcast Your podcast should be posted now or no later than 9 am 11/19/09. If your podcast is not on the Podcast Blog by 9 am on Thursday 11/19, contact me IMMEDIATELY!
11. Project 11 PresentationMake a separate post on your blog for your Project 11 Presentation. Most should have a link to a movie, a YouTube or a Google Presentation. If you do not have a link to an "artifact", write two or three paragraphs summarizing the content of your Project as well as detailing the process you used in presenting your information. If you have any questions, Skype, call or email me.

Actually that applies to all of the above. Skype, call or email me with questions.

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