Sunday, November 8, 2009

Joe McClung Skypes Class

Joe McClung
Mr. Joe McClung, 8th grade science teacher in Fayetteville, Arkansas discusses his first two years as a teacher with EDM 310. I asked Mr. McClung to discus his initial year in Noel, Missouri with Mr. William Chamberlain where he received an induction into the use of technology from, in my opinion, the master of all teachers in the use of technology in the classroom. Unfortunately, I forgot to record much of that conversation. When I remembered to start recording, Mr. McClung was addressing my second question: What can you tell EDM 310 students about how to react when school technical support staff set the agenda with technology rather than the instructors? And what can one do when super cautious district administrators frustrate efforts to engage students in creative uses of technology? This part of the interview was disrupted by problems with data transmission which the EDM 310 students jokingly ascribed to "political interference." When our discussion was resumed, Mr. McClung provided the students with an excellent, common-sense approach, to using technology in the classroom and graciously answered questions from all students, even those who had supported Auburn rather than his beloved Arkansas Razorbacks in the previous week's football game. Of course Arkansas had defeated Auburn 44-23. A good time was had by all. Thank you so much Mr. McClung. The students were so impressed with you that one even volunteered to move to Arkansas and manage your campaign for School Board, Mayor, Governor - whatever!


  1. Still waiting on a phone call from the head of my campaign! Honestly though it was very gratifying to talk with you and your students. I really enjoy having conversations with people that take a genuine interest in promoting technology in education today. GO HOGS!

    Mr. McClung

  2. Joe, if I EVER get out of this class I will be ready to politic! Remember what Tip O'Neal said "all politics is local." Better join the Rotary and Lion's Club now!