Saturday, November 7, 2009

Professional Blog Instructional Movies Now Available

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There are 3 Professional Blog Movies:
1. Creating a Professional Blog. This movie covers the steps necessary to create a blog (any blog) and also addresses the naming of the Professional Blog as well as the selection of a URL for your Professional Blog.
2. Professional Blog Content. This movie discusses what you need to prepare (think about and write) to create a Professional Blog. It covers the writing of approximately nine lines of text about you and your interest in teaching (The About me... section) and at least 6 posts that describe the attitudes, aptitudes, approaches, tools, etc. that you will bring to your classroom. At least one of these 6 posts must address the use of technology in your classroom. Although I have not mentioned this before, you could also add an audio or video message to your blog. If you are interested in doing this (I hope you are), do it. If you need help, ask me!
3. Professional Blog Layout. Your Professional Blog must use the Layout tools to achieve a "different", more professional look. This is to teach you some of the ways that you can alter the standard Blogger look, as well as to enhance your Professional Blog's appearance. You will need to have contact list (email address, Skype address, Twitter address, phone number, etc.). You will also learn how to create links to specific posts in this movie. Each post has a unique URL (called a permalink). You will learn how to make use of permalinks in this movie

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