Friday, October 23, 2009

Week 10

Week 10
We discussed Google Earth and in the Wednesday night class we started working on Google Earth Tours. But Google Earth was uncooperative in a lab setting in Fairhope. As Mr. McClung advised, sometimes you have to scrap what was planned and change directions. So the Google Earth Project is cancelled. I urge you to try it on your own. I think it will work much better out of a lab setting. But as far as the class is concerned, the project is cancelled.

In the TT classes we covered the Layout changes necessary for your Professional Blog. I hope to have a movie that covers this published this weekend.

Bring your Professional Blog content (and a professional looking picture of yourself) to class next Tuesday or Wednesday (except the 4:00 class which needs to have that by Thursday).

Tuesday at 4:00 we will be Skyping Room 10. All are welcome. Do join us for this exciting event!

Wednesday night at 7:00 Mr. McClung will be visiting via Skype. All are welcome to that session in Fairhope as well.

And Coming Soon - a Skype visit from Mr. Chamberlain. More details to follow.

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