Sunday, October 18, 2009

Margaret Comments on Room 10 Blogs


Click Margaret's picture to see her movie for Room 10.

hi Room 10,

I like your moovie's. i made one for you.

Hello Room 10,

My granddaughter Margaret is at the beach with us for our annual family reunion which we call CoJo (Connie John). She watched the animations of Saadiya, Evan, Daley and Gloria. She is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. She had never made a movie before. She tells me they don't use computers much in her school but she wanted to make a movie.

Click to see Margaret's movie for Room 10.

John Strange


  1. Hi Margaret, I have been watching your movie in Bahrain and I love the way you have chosen to talk to kids in New Zealand through this media. What a great way to make friends!
    Dorothy Burt

  2. Hi Dr Strange,
    Thank you for both your videos. The children loved watching both movies
    you have sent. We have talked about and discussed the questions you sent
    us. It will be interesting to see what they say when they see you and your
    class live on the 28th of October.
    Please say thank you to your grandaughter Margaret for us. The children
    watched and listened intensely and some of the girls were wowed by the
    fact that she does cheerleading. It's quite rare here, some children do
    gymnastics but have only seen cheerleading on movies that they watch. They
    have never heard of lacrosse before either.

    We look forward to our skype session. It has been a lot of fun sharing
    with the children and listening to what they like about school as well.

    Kind regards
    Priscilla and Room 10 Pt England School

  3. Great video Margaret! I hope you get a chance to do another one. What is lacrosse like? I have played soccer but I heard lacrosse is fun too. Do you really play the harp? If so, could you play a song in your next video if you get to do one? I play the guitar- I'm not very good, but it's fun. I love the strings instruments. Thanks for your time!
    Dillon Rogers
    Dr. Strange's EDM310 TT2 class
    University of South Alabama

  4. The students would have loved seeing this, I am not sure how many of them know about the Harp, but they would have loved the fact that Margaret does Cheerleading at School that would have been very impressive for them! Cheerleading is very popular due to the influence of American Cheerleading through movies here in New Zealand.

  5. Great Video Margaret!
    I bet living in NY is awesome. I want to visit there so bad. I played soccer and was a cheerleader at my school. I hope you had a great time with your family in Alabama.
    Jessica Kate Pose

  6. Dear Margaret, How kind and friendly of you to make a video for the students in Room 10. Thanks for sharing it on our class blog too. I think it's fun to make friends who live in a different place, don't you? It's wonderful that you have so many interests in sports and even the harp. How lovely and unique! I really hope you enjoyed your time at the beach. Isn't the ocean beautiful! - Laurin Karadimos from edm 310 wed

  7. Dear Margaret, that is a good first video and I hope you enjoyed making it. Also I'm glad you had a good time in Alabama. Have a nice day.
    John Harville
    Dr. Stranges edm310 class
    Univ. of South Alabama

  8. Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for making this movie. I enjoyed hearing about your day. I played basketball and was a cheerleader too. Never tried the harp, I probably would have gotten all tangled up in the strings! Hope you are enjoying your COJO vacation!
    Ginger Parnell
    edm310 Wednesday Night

  9. Hi Margaret,

    The harp is such a beautiful instrument to play and it's rare that one meets a harp player. I'm sure everyone would love to hear you play. It also sounds like you are one busy girl...Cheer leading, lacrosse and harp! Well thanks for spending some time while on your family vacation to share your day with us and Room 10!

    -Maggie Tarver
    EDM 310 W6