Wednesday, October 28, 2009

International Singing Contest with Room 10

And the Winner Is
We had a great time when we Skyped Room 10 yesterday. Everybody was excited, including me! I forgot to start recording the session until after the members of TT4 had introduced themselves on Skype. The video that I did capture is filled with lots of questions, answers, waving hands, and laughter. As I wrote to Mrs. Lavakula, "What a Blast!"

One of the wonderful things that happened during our Skype session with Room 10 yesterday was the International Singing Contest! Watch it to see who wins - Room 10 or EDM 310. It takes less than 10 minutes to see it all.


  1. Hi Dr.Strange,
    I really liked talking on the Skype with you and your class. When we skype again, I hope that you can sing your National Anthem next time.

    From Othaniel

  2. Thank you so much Othaniel. We will Skype again, but I doubt that I can convince my students to sing our National Anthum. They are very shy!