Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 2 - What We Covered

1. Student Blogs. Are they working?
2. Comments. My comments on your blogs. I will comment on all your posts in Week 1 by midnight Sunday 8/30 and at least 1 post every week (which may combine my thoughts on all your posts).
3. I will read all your posts every week.
4. You will begin commenting (requirement) on other student;'s blogs in Week 3, but you can start now if you want.
5. We will start comments4kids (Project 8) one week earlier than expected. Expect to begin that project next week. I will be visiting with the teachers at St. Christopher's School in Richmond, VA on Friday (8/28) morning by Skype. They want you to participate in commenting on their kids blogs (private high school). In addition, teachers in Missouri, South Carolina, Arkansas, New Zealand and Australia started their comments4kids program this week. We will join them next week.

I will distribute instructions in the first class next week. Those instructions will also be on the class blog.

6. We discussed how to use iTunes to find the podcasts which you are assigned to "dabble" in for this week's blog posts. A movie is now available to acquaint you with iTunes. If you have any questions, watch the movie. Still have questions? Email me or call me. It is important that you get a sense of how the podcasts are done. Some are real conversations. Some are scripted. Some are speeches strung together. Some are fun. Some are dull. Think about how you want to approach your podcast. We will practice the podcast in Week 6 in class (Attendance Required) and record the podcast in Week 7 (Attendance Required).
7. Students completed a math diagnostic and a survey on plagiarism. If you missed this class, you must bring me an official excuse and take complete these either before or after class next week, or at a mutually agreeable time.
8. We put your pictures on your blog. If you have not completed this, see the video. I think this is in Creating A Blog but it may be in the Adding Pictures and Links video.
9.We discussed how to prepare your presentation in Google Docs. See the movie for more information.
10. We discussed how to get started thinking about your Personal Learning Network. There are 3 handouts (Twitter for Beginners, Using Twitter Effectively and Creating your PLN) and the Twitter video (being posted by 9 pm Thursday 8/27.
11. I announced that Mr. Needleman, the author of Mr. Winkle Wakes, called me on Skye today. He will visit the TT 11 class next week. I will record his visit and share it with the other classes. He has asked that you watch a video before he speaks with the class. I have made that video an additional blog assignment. the link is in the post immediately above this post.

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  1. The Directions on the syllabus are outdated for finding the podcasts. However, I typed in the name of each podcast in the search box under Itunes Store and it worked, only problem is-- it takes a little guess work to figure out which one you want us to listen to.